Buildings and Contents

Buildings and Contents Insurance is a combined policy option for home insurance, covering both your property and your possessions within it.

As the name suggests it combines the two main elements of property cover – contents and buildings. Many people buy these two elements of cover together, but it is also possible to buy each component in isolation where required.

However, if you do need both elements, a combined policy can have significant advantages over arranging each element of cover separately. Buying a combined policy is often the most cost effective – enabling you to save money – and a single policy will require less paperwork to setup.

What Cover Does Buildings And Contents Insurance Provide?

The buildings insurance part of the policy offers cover for your home’s structure and its permanent fixtures and fittings. If you have a mortgage on your property it is likely that your mortgage provider will insist that you have buildings cover as a condition of the loan, and leaseholder terms may also demand this.

If you own the property outright then you would not be compelled to have Buildings Insurance. However, you should consider the value of your home, and whether you could afford to lose such a valuable asset in the event of a fire, or similar.

Contents Insurance offers financial protection against accidents, thefts or loss that can affect your personal possessions and other valuables. Contents cover is optional, but you should consider how important your possessions are, and whether you could replace them all without the help Contents Insurance provides.

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