First Time Buyers

Gareth gets it!

I’ve found a lovely house, but can we afford it?

How much can I borrow?

What will all this cost?

It can be a daunting experience when  you’re considering buying your very first home. There are a myriad of  options available to you, including government help and incentives. Gareth can give you the independent expert advice from an expert you’ll need to know what you can afford today and, equally importantly, tomorrow.

Gareth is able to guide you through the whole process of buying your dream first home.

Moving Home

How much more can I borrow?

Can I take my existing mortgage with us?

Moving home can be one of the most stressful things you can go through. It can be difficult knowing where to begin when you start thinking about moving home. Maybe that house you’ve always liked has just been put up for sale. Can you afford it though? What other costs are associated with moving home and, maybe, changing your mortgage?

Gareth has many years of experience helping those looking to move home.


My fixed rate ends soon, what do I do next?

Am I currently paying too much?

Can we consolidate other debt into our mortgage?

With thousands of different mortgages available it can be difficult to know whether you have the best deal. New mortgages become available every day, with others removed from the market. In this fast-moving environment, it can be difficult to keep up.

Gareth can look at your current arrangements and investigate whether there is something more suitable for you. If there isn’t, then he’ll tell you that too!

Buy to Let

What’s involved with becoming a landlord?

Will I need a big deposit to buy a second property?

Whether you are considering buying a second property or have an existing portfolio of properties, you may struggle to understand the rules relating to buy to let mortgages. Getting the best possible mortgage deal can make all the difference in making your investment a viable one.

Gareth will be able to help you make the best decision on your buy to let borrowing.